The Australian Wrestling Alliance is quickly establishing itself as Australia’s leading professional wrestling company. With a strong online presence and invested fan base who enjoy our wrestlers feats of athleticism, exciting story lines, and sudden plot twists. We are now seeking sponsorship to improve our level of expertise.

This is your opportunity to sign up to an expanding and exciting organization Starting in 2011, we have grown our brand to bring bi-monthly shows to the people of Brisbane, Pine Rivers, Caboolture and even as far as Townsville, with plans on expanding throughout south east QLD in 2016.

Recently we have also begun to “Live Stream” our shows to an increasing audience hitting 5000-10,000 views worldwide. In August this year we were presented on national TV with a one hour special on ch 183 Aurora, on the 31st of August which saw us gain national exposure.

We are now seeking sponsorship to continue to grow and maintain the same level of professional product we have always put out, and we have several packages available!

Contact us today at awa.live.events@gmail.com for all package options.