Debut in AWA: 2015
From: Gold Coast, QLD
Signature Moves: Flashback (619)
Finishing Moves: Flashbang (RKO)
Career Highlights: AWA 2016 End of Year Awards Co-winner for 'Best Feud' & 'Best Match' (Rip Rielly w/ Flashman vs. Hugh Manatee), Former IPW Australia Heavyweight Champion, Former IPW Australia South Pacific Champion, Former IPW Australia Cruiserweight / Slam Nation Champion

Bio: For over 9 years, the Flashman has continued to pave the way and define what it means to be the 'Biggest Little Man' on a wrestling roster.

With an impressive list of in-ring accomplishments to boot, Flashman has taken a step away from active competition, turned his back on the fans and has dedicated all his time and effort into managing and guiding his 'First Official Flashman Guy', 'The Monster' Rip Rielly - leading him to countless victories in 2016, culminating in Rielly capturing the #YOLO Championship!

Now that Flashman is back to in-ring action, will 2017 be the year of the Flashman?