Alex Shepard

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 95kgs
From: Brisbane, QLD
Signature Moves: Flying Knee, Impailer DDT
Finishing Move: The SSS (Spinout Lariot), Cobra Clutch
Career Highlights: Current AWA Unified Champion, 2017 AWA Homecoming Cup Winner, AWA 'Most Hated' 2016 Award Winner (w/ Todd Eastman), 2 x AWA Superkick Award Winner, Former PPW Light Heavyweight Champion

Bio: The man known as “The Prodigy” made a huge impact in 2016 for AWA. Having previously gone under the alias of 'Titan Mask', Shepard turned his back on both friends and fans alike in order to purse higher accolades. Through a combination of non-traditional wrestling techniques with a mixture of technical grappling has developed a ruthless hard hitting offense, designed to make short work of any opponent.

Now as the Unified AWA Heavyweight Champion, Shepard finally possesses the companies most prized possession. With the Next Level (Todd Eastman, Jake Nova, Jesse Love and Ricky Rembrandt) to back him up, it will take a lot of heart and determination to get a clean shot at the championship.