Thy Kingdom Come: Kade Attacks! [UPDATED]

Thy Kingdom Come: Kade Attacks! [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 31/10/17]: Daniels Responds!

There's an old saying that reads: "Kings have many ears and eyes".

This couldn't be more profound, as after the Grindhouse of Horror main event 6 man tag (which saw Next Level take on Hugh Manatee, Rip Rielly and Jesse Daniels) a hooded man approached the ring, chair in hand, and unloaded a savage beatdown upon the once former AWA GM, Jesse Daniels. After the beating had subsided, the man revealed himself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 'The King' Tim Kade has come from revenge.

But what has taken Kade so long to achieve his redemption? Kades actions had been so concurrent that it had become almost custom for Kade to extract his revenge immediately after losing a match. But this time, it appears Kade had been waiting in the shadows all along.

One source claims:
"Tim knew exactly what Jesse has been up to. He doesn't work alone, he has an army of followers that have been constantly drip feeding 'The King' information about Jesse. Ever since his loss at Homecoming IV, Tim has been biding his time, acting like the loss didn't affect him. But it did, and I would hate to be Jesse Daniels right now".

We are still waiting word on just how serious Jesse Daniels injuries are after the post-match beating from Tim.

When we are updated on his condition, you can expect 'The Devils Double' Jesse Daniels to address 'The King' in his unique fashion.

Photo by Barbs Photos