Tag Team Trophy on the Line!

Tag Team Trophy on the Line!

Headstrong are set to take on Next Level at Grindhouse Season 5 Finale! It is a match that we have been waiting to see for ages as Next Level have refused to face the Tag Team Invitational Finalists until they thought they were worthy, now there are no more excuses and on November 11 both teams will finally fight!

Next Level last faced Headstrong at Homecoming 4 in the Tag Team Invitational finals. After 4 months of qualifying matches, it came down to 2 teams, Headstrong, made up of JL Gold and Xander Sullivan, and the team of "Showtime" Jake Nova and his then partner Zero.Half way through the match, when it looked like Headstrong had victory in their hands, Ricky Rembrandt would run down and cause a distraction that would ultimately lead to Jake Nova and Zero capturing the Tag Team Invitational and the Trophy. Though Zero has not been seen since, and no-one knows what has happened to him, Jake Nova is right at home in Next Level. We did manage to catch up with Nova quickly who stated

"Zero just wasn't ready to go to the Next Level, in-fact, besides my brothers in this team, there is no-one on our level, and no Kliq, no Revolution, no team that can stand up to us."

Headstrong however disagree, and have proven themselves for the entire year as fan favourites and the greatest tag team we have ever seen in QLD. They proudly state that they will take on anyone, and have even travelled throughout Australia to do it! At our last show they left the crowd speechless as they defeated 'The Street Revolution' in a thrilling display of tag team wrestling. We caught up with them to get their thoughts on the upcoming match and how they thought they would fair...

"You know, Next Level have been running from us for months, forcing us to jump through hoops and prove ourselves as the top team in QLD, and you know why? Because they are scared. We are technically sound, athletically gifted, and on point! That is why we keep beating teams, that is why we keep making names for ourselves, all we need now is our rematch, and that trophy that should be ours"
- Xander Sullivan

"You know what it sounds like to me Xander, it sounds like Jake Nova and his little buddies are afraid to go to the Next Level and they are afraid to fight us. That's OK though, we don't like the idea of being jumped from behind or attacked mid-match again, and there is safety in numbers, so how about you bring all of next level with you to your corner, just so we can keep an eye on them. We are not worried, we will take on anyone!"
-JL Gold

The match is now set, with Next Level using the 'Freebird' rule which states that any 2 members are able to compete in tag team matches. Will this be the ultimate tool that allows Next Level to win the match? Or will Headstrong prove their tagline worthy and take on ANYONE that steps up against them. On November 11 we will find out as these 2 teams fight for the title of AWA Tag Team Champion!

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