Super Smash Broz Unite and claim Surf 'n' Turf is on the menu!

Super Smash Broz Unite and claim Surf 'n' Turf is on the menu!

In what is a first time match up, we have been told that Blair Seekers long, arduous search for the perfect tag team partner has come to a halt, as he prepares to enter the ring with his new tag team partner, '1up' Bobby Bishop! However, they may have a hard time finding their footing as they get ready to go up against a long time dynamic duo, the team of Dolph Finn and Combat Wombat, Surf 'n' Turf!

Just who are the Super Smash Broz? Throughout the year we have seen Blair Seeker try and recapture his former tag team glory, but each time he has stepped out to compete he is ultimately let down, this time though, things are different, with Blair Seeker claiming to have found 'the perfect partner' to mesh with his in ring abilities. So who exactly is Bobby Bishop? A newcomer on the Grindhouse Wrestling shows, we have seen 'The Retro Gamer' fight a handful of times, although, it seems each time he has used up all his lives...

We caught up with Blair Seeker today to try and understand how this all came about.

"Look, none of the reasons why matter because today is not just any day, it is Bobby Bishops birthday, and I cannot think of a better gift then for him to tag with me at the Grindhouse Season Finale! From now on I am putting him on a strict diet, he will eat nothing but mushrooms until November 11 and each night I will encourage him to reach for the stars, literally, strongest power up you can get. Now, if you will excuse me, it is time to give Bobby some birthday chops and play Super Mario on Bobby's Snes as player 1"

Surf 'n' Turf are quickly becoming a legendary team, the masked luchadors have made a name for themselves throughout the year and we have been told, exclusive Surf 'n' Turf shirts will be on sale at the next Grindhouse show. The Dynamic Duo were victorious in their last encounter against Blair Seeker, with 'Combat Wombat' and 'Dolph Finn' chants ringing throughout the arena. The power and ferocity of Combat Wombat combined with the speed and agility of Dolph Finn appears to be a recipe for success for this unorthodox team, but if they do not hurry up and start cooking for a tag team championship match then they could very well be out of the pan and into the fire without a chance to capitalise on their newfound success. Straight to the top is exactly where many of our fans believe this team should be, but they will have to prove their desire to get there on November 11 when they go up against the Super Smash Broz!

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