How the Grindhouse Stole Christmas: New Matches Announced!

How the Grindhouse Stole Christmas: New Matches Announced!

4 Corners Christmas Death Match for the AWA Tag Team Championship

We told you we had a huge main event to top of the year, and it could not be any regular match, so here it is, a match for the AWA Tag Team Championships which will be fought a CHRISTMAS DEATH MATCH!!!\We are going to have ourselves a merry little Christmas on Dec 2nd, where more then one persons jingle bells will be rung, but like Rudolph's red nose, one team will have to outshine the others and put them in their places.

Next Level are the current reigning tag team Champions, beating several teams to win the title back in July, they have held it ever since, even defeating Headstrong at our last show!

Party Rock 2.0 have not been seen since they had their sobriety broken in November, but we did receive a text msg from Johnny Van Zandt saying he will bring the best eggnog ever dudes...

Surf n Turf have a goal and that goal is to win the AWA Tag Team Championships, they believe this is their chance to do it, with Combat Wombat reportedly installing a pool in his burrow to work on Dolph Finns speed, tactics and to draw up battleplans, they are officially locked down in CW's Boot Camp Until Dec 2nd.

Adonis & Super Chico, quite probably the most peculiar pairing of wrestlers we have seen since Surf n Turf, with a barrier in language a huge task for both men to overcome, can they work together and start the new year as Tag Team Champions, or will Adonis end up telling Chico to put the lotion on his skin.....

And let us not forget, that under the ring and around the arena there will be a lot of presents full of fun toys for the wrestlers to give each other, if it's on their x-mas list it may be wrapped up under the ring.


Xander Sullivan vs RUFIO

Rufio has been all over Australia proving he is one of the best in this country and he comes back to the Grindhouse to face Xander Sullivan, one half of Headstrong who is stepping out of his comfort zone and taking on this massive challenge Dec 2nd