Career on the Line: Flashman v Kelso Kahoniz

Career on the Line: Flashman v Kelso Kahoniz

For nearly a decade Flashman has made the long trek from the curtains to the ring, in front of a multitude of fans, who have cheered and booed, and through it all, the countries 'Biggest Little Man' has fought anyone who has stood in the ring with him. But, over the last few months, Kelso Kahoniz has pushed Flashman to his limits, both physically and mentally, forcing Flashman's hand:

If he can't beat the man he started this journey with, then his journey will come to an end on November 11.

Kelso himself is finally sober after living with a multitude of demons for years, recently with the help of his sponsor, Johnny Van Zandt, Kelso has been on a hot winning streak, capping it off with a win over Flashman at Grindhouse of Horrors in the highly anticipated House of Horrors match, which saw every weapon in the building used and abused, including a barb wire board that claimed the life of Kelso's signature tye-dye shirt.

"It seems every time I beat Flashman, every single time I prove I am a better, SOBER, athlete, he has an excuse and is begging me for one more chance. The hard fact is that Flashman is past his prime, that is what substance abuse does, and now he is trying to cling to the spotlight, and ride my coat tails of success one last time, he is green with envy and jealousy at everything I have accomplished. I am more then happy to accept Flashman's offer, and be known as the man who turned off his limelight."

On November 11 we could very well see Flashman's career come to an abrupt end, the fan favourite himself has stated that if he cannot beat Kelso then he will hang up his boots for good, but he is not walking into this match willing to lose, he will be bringing the fight like he has never done before, he will be walking in with victory on his mind and eyes focused on finally beating Kelso.

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